Who can goto Antartica?

Who can goto Antartica?

Since I have been trying to travel the world for 7 years, I have been in dozens of different countries and extreme places. But the place of Antarctica will always be separate in me. Maybe it will be very cliché, but it was just another world.

You can go to Antarctica with many different alternatives. You can even go on a plane suitable for the conditions of the region and then complete your journey with the ship waiting for you there. Let me tell you about my expedition first, then I will share all the information I know about Antarctica.

One year before I started the trip, I contacted all the companies that arranged flights to Antarctica and sent an e-mail to introduce myself. Stating that I am a professional photographer with my social media accounts; I asked for free and join. None of them received a positive answer, but a few of them said, "We can give you a nice discount." Since there was no alternative available, I continued to communicate with those two companies. One of them had withdrawn the discount, saying that the discount he had made later. Naturally it had lost its charm for me now. Finally, we started talking to One Ocean Expeditions. The lowest prices for the 11-day (10-night) voyage I wanted were $ 7,500-8,000. They showed me in the media category and made a nice discount on this figure. I was going to talk about them in my social media posts and in my Antarctic post on my website. Of course, they gave me a nice discount, but it was still not a cheap figure. Thank you here, Noya Computer, Interbus and Kiymet Müjdeci Hanım from Krutzo Cooling, who wanted to sponsor me for my trip to Antarctica. And now I have almost collected all my money for my trip to Antarctica.

I went to the city of Ushuaia in the south of Argentina and waited for the day of expedition. In the morning of the expedition, we met in the lobby of a large hotel in the center and from there we went to the ship together. While the ship's passenger capacity could be more, One Ocean Expeditions limited it to 96 passengers. Because, in Antarctica, a maximum of 100 people could climb ashore from a ship at the same time. In other words, if the voyage you will attend is 120 people, you were compelled to divide into two groups and the other group was waiting on the ship while one group went ashore. In other words, you paid at least 7-8 thousand dollars and went to Antarctica, but you could spend half the day on the ship. I had heard, however, that different alternatives were produced on such large ships. In other words, while a group stepped ashore, a group was walking on the sea with zodiacs. But if I still go to Antarctica; I would definitely prefer to join a trip with less than a hundred passengers.

We started the voyage with this ship. The cabins on the ship were of a different type, just like the hotel rooms. Some were three people, some were two, some were single. Of course, there was also a king cabin. This was directly proportional to the money you gave. Thank you, the person I contacted with the company placed me in a nice and comfortable cabin for two. The cabin had everything to meet general needs, such as a fridge, desk, bathroom, toilet and wardrobe, kettle for making tea and coffee. Even when I first saw it, I said, "Well, I spend 11 days here like a vacation."

When we first entered the ship, everyone settled in his cabin and then we gathered in the restaurant section of the ship. This was a restaurant for at least a hundred and twenty people. We sat at the tables, expedition moderator, accompanied by food and drinks, started to give detailed information about our ship and voyage. And of course, since nobody knew each other, the first meeting was held here.

The crew on this Russian ship was roughly divided into three. Russian technical staff, Russian restaurant and cleaning staff, and finally One Ocean Expedition's own staff of about twenty people. The attendees mostly communicated with One Ecean Expedition staff. But I can say this very frankly; I have never seen such a professional team in my life. For a traveler who is accustomed to every condition like me, this team and expedition seemed like a holiday at a seven-star hotel.

All meals and snacks were free during the voyage. Drinks such as tea, coffee and water were also free. If you wanted drinks like alcohol or coke, you had to pay a fee. There were also places open to the service of passengers such as a library, bar, restaurant, gym, computer room on the ship. In other words, it was not possible to get bored during the expedition. You could also go to the "bridge" to the main command section of the ship at any time and see what was going on there.

Of course, when you go on the bridge, it will be a proper behavior for you and other passengers to not touch the tools there :)

During the Antarctic voyage, presentations and briefings on what to do next day were given on the ship every day. During the day, educational information about life in Antarctica was also given. So do not think that when you join such an expedition, you will only see penguins and come back. I said the team is very professional; Because they are all experts in their field, some made very good presentations about penguin and its species, some about the bird population there, and some about whales. In this sense, I can say that it was an educational expedition as well as just visiting and seeing.

The first two days we crossed the “Drake Strait”, known as the most dangerous throat crossing in the world. In this strait you could even encounter twenty-meter high waves during the storm time. But don't worry; the technical team was constantly checking the weather conditions, slowing the ship according to the storm situation or trying to avoid catching the storm by accelerating. After all, this is the sea. It is not clear when and what will happen, but since the team is experienced, it tries to cross this throat with the least shaking. Of course, it would be inevitable for you to shake for two days. If you have a problem with a ship hitch, be sure to take the safety of it in advance. The most effective method I have seen; a tape is attached to the back of the ear. And that tape saves you from nausea for two days. The biggest side effect can bring your sleep. But if you join such a trip, you should definitely get it from this band for both departure and arrival. Or you can get it from the doctor on board. In the meantime, there is a doctor service on board but it is paid.