Madrid Travel History

Madrid Travel History

When I got off the bus station in the morning, it was 07:00. I immediately found the subway station and set off towards the hostel. The station is just below the bus station, easy to find. Since the hostel I have set is in the center of the city, it was very comfortable to go to the hostel.

Normally the check-in time was 13:00 but they allowed me to check in early because there was an empty bed in the room. I paid 14 euro per night for 6 people in a room. Since the road was a little tired, I took a 2-3 hour cut in the room.

It will be very ordinary but my first impression for Madrid is the classic capital city. After visiting Madird for a full day, this thought did not change or even became stronger.

As always, I immediately acquired a map of the city and clarified how and where to go. It is not easy to walk everywhere in Madrid, such as Rome and maybe a little Barcelona. The distances are a bit long. Roads are wider, parks are larger. If you say I go on foot, it can be tiring and a waste of time. But if your accommodation is in the center, you can walk around the royal palace, sun gate, Santa Maria cathedral and several important squares on foot. In such trips, I try to walk the city as much as I can. In this way, perhaps I have seen the culture of life that I cannot see by visiting any cathedral or museum. I can eat both affordable and delicious things in local restaurants in the side streets. I can say like the artisan restaurant in us (:

There are many crowded squares in the city. Especially Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol squares are active day and night. Street artists also perform their arts here and it is really enjoyable to watch. It is possible to walk between these two squares and the Calle Del Arenal street, which is like Istiklal street. You can fill your half day very easily by visiting the shops and walking around in this area. If you have time, you can spend a full day here. I tried to see the important places as much as I can, because I will stay one night and one day in Madrid. But in this short time I could not love Madrid's day or night. It seemed like an ordinary city to me. If I say you would come to Madrid again, I would say I would never think. Unfortunately, I could not get the effect I got from Barcelona from Madrid.

There are many stores belonging to Zara and the brand of the same group for shopping. Prices are 20% cheaper than ours. If you buy over 100 euro, your shopping with tax free can be quite affordable. And in Zara stores, there is a variety that we don't have. My favorite part of Spain was this shopping. Although stores other than Zara and the like are not very affordable, I can say that textile is generally suitable.

At night, I visited several places around Calle Del Arenal, but it seemed a little empty to me. We are accustomed to crowded environments, when we see the place a little empty, it goes to our strange. After a little wandering, it probably did not feel good at night because it is weekdays I don't know, maybe I didn't travel in the right places or I couldn't find the beautiful places but I couldn't love it anyway. Since I had a flight to Porto in the early morning, I said let me go to the hostel and have a rest.

It takes 5 euros to get to the airport from the hostel by metro. It takes about 45 minutes from the center. I bought my Madrid - Porto flight from Ryanair for 15 euro. It was very affordable because I bought the ticket beforehand. Since it fits in the cabin in my bag, I went directly to the plane without paying any extra baggage fee.

At low cost companies such as Rynair, you can sometimes get tickets at very funny numbers, but if you give them luggage, they can request two or three times the money. In such flights, make sure that your bag is of the cabin size. Then when I say I bought the ticket cheap, do not shake the budget with the baggage allowance (:

If you want to arrange airline tickets, I would like to take a look at It scans dozens of airlines and offers the cheapest ticket to you according to the destination you are looking for. The mobile application is the most useful application in this field that I have used up to now.

Thanks to Barcelona, ​​I think that you can leave Spain in a pleasant way and make another Barcelona trip in the future ... until you see Portugal (: