Spain Travel Notes

Spain Travel Notes

When I started from Italy and continued with Monaco and Nice, it was time for Barcelona. I will go to Barcelona El Prat airport from Nice by plane. Since there will be a transition between Schengen countries, there is no passport control etc. We are accustomed to enter the passport queue while we are changing the country, but changing the country as if changing the city seems strange, but it is a great convenience.


I landed at the airport at noon. As always, I will go to the center using public transport. We can go to the center by train (light metro). But buying a one-way ticket does not make much sense. The system is a bit complicated, there are a few alternative tickets / cards for tourists. I got it because the 10-way subway card called T10 came to me most logically. The price is 9,80 Euro. With this card, you can get on the metro and some bus lines 10 times. It can also be used for round trips between the airport and the center. I used this card only 6 times on my 4-day Barcelona trip. So, for a normal tourist / traveler, the T10 ten-board card is enough. Also, once you use this card at the entrance of the subway, if you switch to another subway within 75 minutes, you will get on the subway twice with your single use right. It was a bit complicated, but you understand (Another beauty of the card is that it is open to two people at the same time. So if you are making the trip, this card is much more affordable.

The metro line in Barcelona is very rich. They even laid a line to the remotest corner of the city. Of course, one should not skip such a detail. They divided the subway line into 6 parts. With the T10 ticket, you can go to only part 1 locations. But don't worry, Part 1 covers all places to see and go to.

Since the hostel I have set is right at the beginning of La Rambla street, in the heart of Barcelona, ​​I did not have any transportation problems. You can think of La Rambla as Istiklal street. I can say that almost everything that can be done both day and night starts from this street.

It took me about 45 minutes to get to the hostel from the airport. Although the underground passages are very stuffy and overwhelming in metro transfers, you can bear this because you do not have any traffic problems. I paid 16 euro per night in an 8-person room to stay 3 nights at the hostel. Breakfast is included in the price. When I went to the room, after a brief meeting with other travelers, I left my bag and went out.

La Rambla street immediately makes itself loved. If you love independence, you will also love this place. There are plenty of side streets and other shops in each side street. Travel as much as you can. The atmosphere is much more enjoyable because they protect the historical structure. You will see many street artists along the street. They do very well in their work. The end of La Rambla goes to the marina. And you reach the beach a little further. The fact that the sea is so close to the center probably contributes to Barcelona's being a touristic place. If your hotel is close to La Rambla, you can take your slippers and towels and go to the beach for a walk. Barcelona is a good alternative for those who love sea holidays.

Since I started my trip from Italy and visited many museums until I came here, I do not go into a museum event in Spain. Picasso museum is the first thing that comes to my mind for museum lovers. If I come to Barcelona again, this will be the first museum I will go to.

Get a city map from your hotel or hostel. In such maps, you can easily find many details such as where to visit, how to get there, at which stop. Then you start traveling according to your time and pleasure.

After you want to visit there are dozens of places to go in Barcelona. Since I wanted a comfortable trip, I traveled for 4 days according to my head, I walked around. I have to go there for sure, I couldn't beat myself to see it. Since the city is beautiful, even touring its streets gives people a different pleasure. Some days I was hanging out with friends at the hostel. Though we hung out together every night, sometimes we had a daytime tour. I took full advantage of staying in a hostel (:

Sagrada Famili Church is the first thing that comes to mind when you say Barcelona. When I went here, I could not get in because of the row on the door. Waiting outside in the sun for me. If you buy the ticket on-line, you do not wait in line, but the ticket price increases at that time. Even if I said I would come again in the next days, it was gone and I could not come again. If you intend to come here, it will be better to pay the extra fee and get the ticket on-line.

Then I set off towards Park Güell. There was not much entry order here from Allah. Entries were free until 4-5 months ago, but now they are paid. The ticket price for adults is 7 euro. This may be a more navigable place especially for children. You feel like you are in a fairy tale land. Structures, colors used, everything is fabulous. Another beautiful in the landscape on the hill.

If we come to the food and beverage business. I usually bought it from the market and did something in the kitchen of the hostel. After all, I had a lot of time.