My last iran trip

My last iran trip

After a few days in Tabriz, it was time to head to Tehran, the country's largest city. I did not want to leave Tabriz, but I should have seen Tehran (Tehran). I regretted leaving my good memories and time in Tabriz behind by taking a taxi to the bus terminal.

I was at the Grand Tabriz bus terminal. I bought a ticket to Tehran with the earliest bus I could find. After a long journey, I reached Tehran. Since I fell into the night, this time I did not see the need to call a hostel hotel. I set up a suitable place for the city and set up a tent with my camping tent and after the tiring journey, I slept and rested in the morning.

I woke up with the first lights of the morning. I started to search for a hostel and a house to stay with my tent to see Tehran. My fate went bad and an Iranian friend I met said he could host me at home. Even though I turned down this nice offer by saying that I had the money that I did not want to disturb, I could not break it when the Iranian friend I met, who I met, insisted, and we took the road of his house with the car. We took the things home, I met his family. Families have been found in Turkey, especially Antalya vacation a few times, it was extremely modern humans.

We went out with Rıza, saying my time was limited.

Oh my God, what a beautiful city it was. Tehran was a city where there were huge shopping malls and women were very well-kept and beautiful. As a matter of fact, when I was going to make my first trip to Iran, I never thought that I would encounter such a thing. I've seen modernity here. I think I understood that I was on a correct country trip. I walked on the wide streets of Tehran, saw historical settlements, museums, historical and modern mosques. There were so many beautiful places in Tehran that I can't finish by counting from here.

Among the most important places I visit in Tehran are Azadi square, Mellat Park, Jewelery palace, Surp Sarkis Cathedral, which was started in 1964 and finished in 1970, the Rıza (Rza) Abbasi Mausoleum, and after the Tabriz, the famous Persian carpets are stored here and Tehran Carpet Museum, Iran Revolution leader Shah Rıza Pehlevi, whose construction was also exhibited, Niavaran Palace, which was started in 1968, Iran Ceramic Glass Museum, 6th place in the sense of height in the world, Congress halls, Shopping centers, Restaurants, Milad Tower and Iran. The mausoleum of the Religious Leader Ayatollah Khomeini can be counted.

In my trip to Tehran, in short, I discovered great places far beyond what I wanted to see in Iran. I tasted different dishes to the full. I had the opportunity to live in Tehran's Nightlife and live to the full. It would not be a lie if I said I did not leave a place in Tehran for 10 days. I am very satisfied with my trip. Tehran, which I know for years as a conservative from television and newspapers, surprised me. I realized how wrong I was on this trip.

I already knew my time was limited. Actually, I knew that there were so many beautiful places to visit in the Iranian Territory.

During my 10-day trip, I understood that it was time to leave in Tehran. It was time for me to see the places that turned my route into the land of the tombs of Mashhad. After Mashhad, I decided to go back to Iran for another time, but I did not decide the time. By saying goodbye to the family I was staying in Tehran, I left my friendship behind my friendship as usual and set off towards Mashhad. The roads are beautiful but far away. In fact, I could not camp in Tehran with the help of my backpacks and camping tools and materials on foot in the countries where I have traveled, except for two or two days.

I am leaving Tehran by purchasing a ticket with the bus I found first. I know that time is limited and I am moving towards Mashhad. After a long journey, I am finally in Mashhad, which the Shia consider sacred! I plan to write my visit to Mashhad and my other cities in detail in my next article series.
After starting in Tabriz continues in Nakhichevan, Turkey - Tehran - Mashad in writing the third part of the ending I conclude here now writing to meet in Mashhad.

Believe me, I enjoyed my visit to Iran, and I saw places to visit and to visit. Actually, I was never thinking of leaving, but as I said, my time was limited, and I always knew that I had to go back to my State job. I made two trips to Iran for the first time on Nakhichevan and then on Doğubayazıt until this time, I was extremely pleased with this trip. I recommend to all traveler-traveler friends who want to go in every way, if you have time, see Iran. I am sure that you will entitle me in all cases then. I wish you a pleasant trip. I hope your shoes are old.